Cheryl Tansey | Agile Rap

The world's first female agile rap.

Let me tell you a little story bout a dope idea
It came one night while I was in despair
I was heading up a development team
A Project manager, you know what that means.

Everything I planned & everything I did
It never worked out, the way I thought it would
I couldn’t understand, what was wrong with me
I couldn’t understand, why my team were empty.

Every day we tried, every day we hustled
The scope would creep & we were still in a bustle
We built to spec, we built to deliver
Still, we never met the end needs of the user.

On top of this, my team were whacked
Late nights, early starts, were were stacked
what does this mean, when you burn people out?
Means you’re headed towards energy drought.

As I lay there awake, tryn’a understand
Tryn’a figure out why I’d failed my plan
I suddenly thought, I know what to do
I’ll ask my team to navigate us through. 

I started to ask, I started to learn
Agile, scrum & charts that burn
I started to see why a plan must evolve
And why a team prioritises problems they solve.

We created some norms, an agreement we wrote
I started running retro’s & writing post it notes.
I started sitting back, when planning our sprints
I let the team run their own experiments.

We started to see, a product evolve
We started to see, a performing team unfold.
We started to learn that humans will prevail
When they know they’re in a place They can fail.

My learning is simple, people are great
Given the space & time to self-navigate.
So if you want to start a humanistic approach
Stop managing your people & start to coach.


Agile Amsterdam 2018